TimThompson is an astrophysicist who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 28 years. He joined the JREF Forum in December 2008, where he contributed many informative posts to the subforum on Science, Mathematics, Medicine, and Technology.

This web site will collect and index links to some of TimThompson's posts at the JREF Forum. This site was suggested by JREF Forum member DeiRenDopa, who wrote:

However, it would be wonderful to have all of Tim Thompson's excellent posts similarly collected into a single page, preferably not on JREF, for easy reference. For example, the series of posts starting here (though that's just a small subset of all the great posts on the topic that he wrote).

Over time, more posts will be added.

General Science

Electric Sun

(Many of the following posts respond to former JREF Forum member Michael Mozina, who often denied various aspects of mainstream physics.)

Magnetic Reconnection and Plasma Physics

String Theory

(Tim's first essay in the list below won the Mid-Year Literacy - July 2010 Language Award.)

Last updated 8 May 2012.

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